Tailored Fits, Designed for Mobility: The anatomy of an active button up shirt...

When we set about designing our line of shirts we wanted to create something that solved a couple of issues we've long had with standard, off the rack, button up shirts.

Being active guys, we had a hard time finding shirts that both fit well and provided a range of motion further than a handshake. We dreamed of a shirt that allowed us to hurl bags into the overhead, go on spur of the moment rides around the city and toss the long ball for our shop dog Winston, without holding back one bit.

So we set about creating a shirt that offered a classic menswear aesthetic, fit well and allowed us to be active.


For the tall and slender, the days of having to sacrifice torso fit for arm length and visa versa, are over. In creating our shirt silhouette, we’ve solved this issue in a number of ways.

First, we created the Powermesh Action Back, a discreet, articulated shoulder gusset lined with a poly mesh fabric that contains 28% spandex. It allows you to reach across your body and extend your arms without binding up the shirt across the back yoke.

Second, we added a double dart construction in the rear of the shirt, eliminating the billowed look found in so many shirts that have a boxy and squared off silhouette.

If you're a fit guy who wants that fitted look without sacrificing mobility, this is the shirt for you. 


We've experimented with a number of different fabrics over the past couple of years, both for our dress and work shirt constructions. What we've found is that while there are lots of interesting performance fabrics, many of them don't offer the kind of look and feel that we've come to expect in premium menswear.

That’s why we use natural fibers as much as possible, minimizing synthetics (polyester) that tend to hold odor and fall flat on structure. 

To that end, you’ll continue to see us use fabrics like cotton (known for its hand, structure and wicking ability), wool (thermo regulating, anti-odor and quick drying) and linen (exceptionally durable and abrasion resistant).

Stay tuned this year for what we think is the best "everyday shirt" fabric we've tested to date - a wool / cotton mid-weight blend constructed in Japan.


Our brand is rooted in everything it means to be a style conscious, modern guy who’s always on the go. To that end, we've added a couple of fun and useful features to our shirt line.

Reflectivity. Tucked into the collars and cuffs, we added these details to make you a bit more visible when you're out at night, whether on your bike or at that 3AM debacle known as the EndUp.

Rubber Buttons: Because you don’t have time to replace broken and chipped buttons.

Schoeller Nanosphere: Nothing ruins the moment like a giant ring of sweat under your arms and across your back. Schoeller's Nanosphere treatment goes a long way towards keeping you dry and repelling that errant cup of coffee that just won't stay put, no matter how tight you fasten the lid.

By the way, all Parker Dusseau product is made right here in San Francisco. 

What makes a perfect shirt for you? Drop us a line with your ideas, feedback and suggestions.