Our Tour of California: A bikeless Sonoma Coast weekend...

It is both a perk and a peril of passion that you get so sucked in that you forget how good other things can be. Obsessive cyclists often suffer and benefit from this - it is easy to plan every adventure, every weekend around the bicycle and forget that a world off the saddle exists.

Sonoma Coast California Summer

With inclement weather on the horizon, I opted for a change of pace and activity for what may be the first weekend in 2016. Swapping the two wheels of my bike for the four wheels of my friend's beaten yet trusty '92 Nissan truck, swapping cleats for hiking boots, and swapping spandex for wetsuits, we headed north to Stillwater Cove, just north of Jenner, California (coincidentally along the route of the Tour of California's stage 7) where the weather looked best and the fishing plenty.

Diving Fishing Sonoma Coast

We spent the weekend in the sun and in the water. According to many, the Sonoma coastline has never been clearer. The successful catch of Ling Cod, Abalone, and rock fish is clear proof of that. As is our newly bronzed skin, for once without sharp lines from bib shorts...

Fishing Sonoma Coast California

There's something magical about diving in the ocean, catching fish, cleaning them, then cooking them and eating them just hours later, next to a fire of course. Its a subtle glimpse at our long ago origins, and a firm reminder of why it feels so good to spend so much uninterrupted time outside.

Fishing Sunset Sonoma Coast

It was this refreshing realization that kept me happy despite being on my bike. The bike is a vehicle that helps us meet the same end, to see new places, to be outdoors, to live with adventure and excitement.

Sonoma Coast Forest

Fishing Sonoma Coast

Adventuremobile Sonoma Coast

Diving Fishing Sonoma Coast