Summer Norwegian Road Oddessy pt. 1

Parker Dusseau Ambassador, Norwegian cyclist and photographer Magnus Roaldset Furset catalogs last summer's journey through Norway's Møre & Romsdal region with San Francisco cyclists Jennie Anderson and Shanna Sauer. 
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With temperatures hovering around37ºF, the first of the group reaches the top of Dalsnibba (1476 mt.) after a long trip from the bottom of the Geiranger fjord.
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As the group makes its way from Geiranger to Dalsnibba, busses full of tourists gawk at the riders - in awe of the distance yet left to cover. 
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The King: Cyclists come out of the clouds and through the Trollistigen Plateau while King (1617m.) awaits. After this long ascent, riders are awarded with a long, rolling descent into the next valley. 
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Trollstigen is one of Norway's most popular climbs. With 11 hairpin turns, the road served as an ancient trade route between two fjords. 
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