Behind the Scenes: The Parker Dusseau x Radavist Coldblack® Shirt Collaboration

Less than 10 years ago, John Watson was working at an architecture firm in New York City. Today, he runs The Radavist arguably the most influential cycling blog on the planet with close to 100K followers on Instagram. Now based in Los Angeles, The Radavist is driven by John and his team’s personal cycling passion.

Radavist ColdBlack Shirt

John and The Radavist typify the Parker Dusseau man; ambitious, self-starting, active, exploratory and at home both in the city and in nature. With the upcoming ColdBlack® shirt to be released in collaboration with The Radavist, we sat down with John for a few quick questions:

What motivated you to step away from your architecture career path and start the Radavist by yourself?
Honestly, the economy took a nose dive, I couldn't find work and I just took my free time and dumped it into the site, which resulted in a few people buying advertising. 

Any 'chance' meetings that convinced you that the Radavist needed to happen?

Since the old site (Prolly is not Probably) was limited to my voice, I really wanted to branch out and bring in more voices to the mix. The only motivating factor was diversity. 

What advice do you have for guys who want to combine their work and their passion?

Tread lightly. It'll become the most difficult trial you'll face as an adult. Blurring work with passions or hobbies can cause you to burn out. Take it in piecemeal steps. 

You seem to have strong interest in the Made In America movement - why is that important to you?

We're a consumer-driven society and if we're going to spend our hard-earned money on a product, I'd rather it go directly to the US (or Japan, or German, etc) economy by employing Americans. I've found my "purchases" are more like "investments." From a flannel to a bicycle. 

Los Angeles Cycling The Radavist ColdBlack

The Shirt

We met John just as he was planning his move from the heat of Austin, Texas to the equally strong heat of Los Angeles, California. He loved the fit of our button up
shirts and asked why no one was making a sharp looking, black collared shirt built for the rigors of the active urban life in warm climates. We started calling around and The Radavist Coldblack button up shirt was born.

ColdBlack Shirt Schoeller Radavist

Perfect for the road, the trail, downtown and everywhere in between, this shirt has everything for the active urbanite starting with Coldblack, the UV protective and thermo regulating proprietary technology from Switzerland’s legendary Schoeller fabric mill. Details like our Powermesh Active Back, ultrablack reflective collar and cuffs and unbreakable rubber buttons round out this essential piece for the hot Spring and Summer months ahead.

Schoeller Powermesh ColdBlack Shirt

Schoeller stretch technical cotton featuring Coldblack Technology
Coldblack provides 30 SPF UV protection, reducing heat build up in dark fabrics.
Powermesh Action Back
Unbreakable Rubber Buttons
Ultrablack Reflective Collar and Cuff Details
Tailored fit.
MSRP: $158

Schoeller ColdBlack Shirt Radavist

More information on John and The Radavist, can be found on the Radavist website at or Bicycling Magazine's 2015 article: