My Uncle Parker, Thanksgiving and Black Friday: Some Thoughts

It's with mixed emotion that we've decided to hold a Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales event

The notion of spending a bunch of time hunting for deals when I could be outside, has never appealed to me. And, if you're one of our customers, I trust that it doesn't appeal to you, either. Thank God for the internet, right?  

Growing up in Boise, Idaho in the 80's, late November was always filled with excitement, mystery and wonder. Thanksgiving was a hallmark holiday for the only thing I was ever concerned about: when it was going to snow, how long it was going to snow and how soon before I could get back up on my home mountain, Bogus Basin. 

The man that lit that fire for me was my uncle, Parker Dusseau. Back then, by the time November rolled around, we had snow on the ground and some years, a ton of it. And since it was Thanksgiving, it often meant that Skip (my uncle's nickname) would come in from San Francisco and there would be plans to devour the fluffy white stuff. 

Today, I still look at this time of year and the days surrounding the holidays as a time to plug into the mystery and wonder of recreating outside in the Fall. The cold crisp air and auburn winter light inspires me to this day to get outside. Living in San Francisco (and given the low / late snowfall in Tahoe these days), it means that I'm usually out on the bike - both road and mountain. 

Yes, I'm usually on the bike anyway but during these times, when people are off work and enjoying the freedom of less prescriptive riding, it feels special to me - like attending a reunion where all your best pals decided they'd show up. 

I digress and have to be honest: like you, given the opportunity to snag something I really enjoy at a discounted price, I will take it. And, I appreciate when brands offer it to me. 

In fact, I just bought 4 pair of Stan Smith's yesterday thanks to a special invitation offered me by adidas. 

So, I invite you to think of our Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales event as a way of us saying thank you for all of your support. And, I'd like to make a request: be efficient in your shopping and get back outside with family and friends.

I encourage you to enjoy this special time of year. As I age, I'm present to the fact that I'm closer to the end than I am the beginning. The beauty in that realization is that my moments are more sacred, precious and full of gratitude than they ever have been. 

Happy Thanksgiving to you all and again, thank you.