Style Review: adidas Stan Smith Reds

Parker Dusseau Functional Menswear San Francisco Urban Cycling Apparel Work ShirtsHow it Happened: 

A couple of months ago I was on the adidas website doing some Christmas shopping and found myself in the Originals section browsing through their selection of Stan Smiths. Not really intending to buy anything, I stumbled across these Reds. 

Already owning 10 pair of the iconic silhouette, I knew I must investigate further. Size 10. I'm already merchandising them in my mind, inserting them into the rotation. Parker Dusseau Men's Shirts Work Shirts Urban Cycling Apparel San FranciscoBackground: 

I started wearing Stan Smiths when I was a kid in the 80's. They were the best skate shoe I could find, allowing me to feel my board and the slim profile made them perfect for ollies. Plus they were timeless and classic. Anyone for a pair of Airwalks? I didn't think so. 


Parker Dusseau Urban Cycling Apparel San Francisco Functional Menswear Essentials Work Shirts

The Details:

When these arrived I was delighted to see stippled detail in the leather, almost giving the shoe a mesh appearance. The effect is a texturization of the leather that is really my favorite thing about these specific pair. 

Then there is the translucent sole which I was skeptical about but it works, giving them a modern feel without going over the edge. Also to note is the embossed emblem in the heel rather then the print you see on the traditional green and white Stans. 

How to wear:

A few friends have said that they could never pull off a pair of bright red shoes. Nonsense. It's simple but there are a few rules. 

1.) Let the shoe take center stage: it is the statement in your outfit. Keep the rest of your outfit subtle with dark, muted colors to allow the shoe to really stand out. 

2.) Go high water: roll your pant leg up to let the full profile of this shoe shine. 

3.) No see socks: this is a must. This silhouette, especially if you take my second bit of advice, has be adjacent to a bare ankle. If you absolutely have to wear socks, I would recommend black.

What ever you do, don't dare think of the dreaded ankle sock which should just be banned from existence all together.

Note: Below photo is only meant to represent the dreaded ankle sock and not the Stan Smiths that are covered in this review.