Style Review: toykyobike's Classic Sport

We recently met Juliana and the good folks at tokyobike, a design principled cycling lifestyle brand started in 2002 in the quiet Tokyo suburb of Yanaka. We were drawn to the brand by the way they present their product both visually and conceptually - focusing on the bicycle as a component to a design conscious, urban lifestyle. Of course this struck a deep chord with us. 

Parker Dusseau Urban Cycling Apparel Tokyobike

However, design and aesthetic means little if the product disappoints. We've had a look at a number of upright urban lifestyle bikes and have ran into a fair amount of product that didn't perform as we had hoped. 

Parker Dusseau Urban Cycling Apparel tokyobike

Our initial take on tokyobike's Classic Sport is that it is the perfect tool for its original design intent which, to us, is the hallmark of success in design principle. A bike suited for inner city travel ranging from 1-10 mile trips into the office or out to meet up with friends on the weekend. 

Parker Dusseau Urban Cycling Apparel tokyobike

Particularly we noticed that the bike was lighter than many of the bikes we'd found in it's class which is a huge plus for California's hilly terrain. Additionally, the use of the smaller sized wheels (650) allows for quick acceleration which is handy in tight city spots. 

Parker Dusseau urban cycling apparel tokyobike

The other thing we noticed is that the bike is quite responsive, likely due to its weight and tight steering column (narrow stock handlebars). It's a bike that easily hops up and goes - again, important in tight city spots where you're constantly making gaps in traffic and squeezing into narrow, unconventional spaces. 

Parker Dusseau Urban Cycling Apparel tokyobike

Overall, a great bike to have in the quiver, especially for the price. Stay tuned for photos of the front Winston basket installation.