Winston: Parker Dusseau's Spirit Animal

For the past couple of years I’ve had a number of people ask me about the dog in our logo. After all, there are countless companies and brands that have our canine companions infused into their logo. Ours has a story and here it is.

Parker Dusseau Urban Cycling Work Shirts Always ReadyThe logo is a silhouette of my 6 year old Jack Russell Terrier, Winston. I picked up from a breeder in the shadows of Mount Shasta, in a little town called Palo Cedro.

We incorporated him into our branding because he represents everything my uncle was and everything I aspire the brand to represent: good looks with a great posture, athleticism, curiosity, adventurousness, loyalty and an unabashed friendliness.

My uncle also inspired me to connect with terriers and dogs in general. He raised and showed two Wheaton Terriers and I remember them to be really fun, funny and engaging.Parker Dusseau Terriers Winston Work Shirt Urban Cycling Apparel San FranciscoBack to Winston: when I went to Cindy Young’s house (who breeds JRT’s under the name Shasta Jacks) I was overwhelmed with the frenetic energy of all of the puppies she introduced me to. As I was leaving, thinking that I hadn’t found my dog, I saw an older dog that had the scruffy bearded look that I wanted in my pup. She remembered that there was one dog I didn’t get introduced to, and that was Winston.Parker Dusseau San Francisco Winston Terrier Dog Urban Cycling Apparel Work ShirtHe was sweet and quiet, which is what I wanted. If you’ve met an out of control JRT, you know they are not fun. So I picked him out and scheduled a time to come back and take him home when he was a full 10 weeks old.Parker Dusseau San Francisco Winston Terrier Work Shirts Urban Cycling ApparelWhen I did, pick him up, he whined and cried in his crate, almost all the way back to San Francisco. It was tough but I spent the first two weeks crate training him which turned out to be the best thing I could have done for both of us. It taught him boundaries and gave him a safe place to call his own. We have three crates now - one for the house, the car and our San Francisco design studio.Parker Dusseau San Francisco Winston Terrier Work Shirts Urban Cycling ApparelWinston’s accomplishments are many: he’s recorded a 17 mile mountain bike ride running front of wheel (at elevation); a 40 mile backpacking loop in the Trinity Alps, backcountry snowboarding trips and countless leaps off of rocks into rivers, snowfields, meadows and onto logs.

If you’re in San Francisco, stop by the studio and say hi to Winston or better yet, borrow him for the afternoon - he’s a perfect companion for meeting new people, going on long runs or getting rowdy in the Ocean Beach surf. He’s sturdy and fun-loving, kind of like my uncle Parker Dusseau.