Merino Wool Short Sleeve Polo Shirt - Charcoal


A must have in any active guy's closet, our lightweight, 170gsm jersey knit wool is sourced from the deep recesses of New Zealand and hand crafted by specialty wool knit sewers in the heart of downtown San Francisco.

While many brands use a wool blend to save money, we believe wholeheartedly in nature's first performance fabric and only use the best: 100% Merino Wool. 

- keeps you cool when it's hot, warm when it's cold

- moisture wicking: the fabric core retains water keeping the surface of the fabric dry. 

- naturally anti-microbial and odor free. Go ahead, skip laundry day. 

- Parker Dusseau signature begonia / reflective trim. Pop those collars! 


Model is 6'0", 175 LBS. He is wearing a Medium Polo. 

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